How To Get Rid of Eye Bags with Instantly Ageless Eye Cream

The reverberating question of how to get rid of my eye bags and puffy eyes probably pops up more often than me asking if the holidays can come sooner. For those who read me, me and my eye baggage wails are nothing but archaic. But don’t mehh me now because what I’m going to share later will pop your eyebags if not your eyes out.

Instantly Ageless: Best Anti-Aging Eye Cream for Eye Bags Removal 

Instantly Ageless Singapore Review

I know the name of this anti-aging eye cream sounds somewhat a hyperbole – “instantly” is one, and “ageless” is just…Really. Do they have to do this? This product promises to diminish the visible signs of ageing and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores for a flawless finish. It also claims that users have seen dramatic results in seconds. I repeat. SECONDS.

Go under the “eye creams” or “eye masks” section of this blog and you’ll know I’m constantly on the hunt for eye products that can, first and foremost, remove my eye bags because obviously, this is the department I need the most help in. I’ve come to a point where, instant or perennial, so long as they’re orthodox fixes, I’m in. So, heck that. Let’s just pow this through.

How to Remove Eye Bags in the most efficient way

You need to just apply a little on your under-eyes if your eye bags are not so severe. I would say mine is about a 5/10 on the scale of severity. The more product used, the quicker the result. This is my maiden experience with the product. It took about 3 minutes for the eye bags to subside by more than half the baggage.

How To Remove Eye Bags Fast

The way I write about the time taken to see such result seems as apathetic as how your eyes simply rove through those words I wrote without as much as raising a hair in your brow. The truth is, my lungs screamed in pure joy; never did once any eye product I’d tried achieved such great result AND in such a short time. Instantly Ageless, suddenly your name doesn’t sound corny anymore. You slay me. You really do.

How to Remove Eye Bags Quickly No Surgery

…3 Minutes! Holy crap.

Too mild for you? Do you want to see how it got rid of even more severe eye bags than mine? Here’s one with, honestly, almost a full score on the eyebag-o-meter. Watch how it punched her bags flat in under 5 minutes.

What did I tell you? Slayyyyy. Even eye luggage are not spared. 

Best Eye Cream for wrinkles under eyes

Logic tells me that once the eye bags are deflated, the skin under my eyes may crinkle up even more, just like deflated balloons. The most obvious expression lines of a person who suffer from eye bags are the wrinkles underneath the eye bags. This product reduces the under eye wrinkles as well. What did I just say? Clearly, this product defies not just gravity but logic.

Best Anti-aging anti-wrinkle Eye Cream Review Singapore


The Instantly Ageless eye cream comes in a box containing 50 satchets of 0.3 ml of product each, more than enough for one application under both eyes. The packaging material is a little tough to tear open although there are tearing slits. So using scissors to snip this baby open gets the job done faster.

Instantly Ageless Swatch Review Singapore


You want to squeeze half a sachet of product out for one eye. The product is a skin colored cream; not necessarily fluidly. When exposed to air, it dries up to a paste-like consistency and then ultimately turns powdery.


Doesn’t smell of anything. Basically scent-free.


It doesn’t cause any tingling sensation that most eye creams do, but as you wait for the product to dry up on your skin, you do feel some skin tightening effect on the under eye area.

Instantly Ageless Ingredients

There are two key ingredients – Sodium Silicate and Magnesium Aluminium Silicate.

Here’s the thing that draws Instantly Ageless apart from other eye creams. Both of these minerals are not exactly capable of being absorbed into the skin. Most eye creams in the market work on conditioning the skin around the eyes through moisturizing, nourishing and plumping it over time, and it takes penetrable ingredients into the skin to be able to do that.

However this eye product is made to instantly tighten the skin, because ain’t nobody got time to waste. The two minerals are found commonly in most anti-wrinkle products, as they work to lift up the skin upon drying. These are silicates after all, so expect them to dry up powdery in form.

How To Apply Instantly Ageless

If you hadn’t watched my Instantly Ageless demo video, watch it now! Because I’d explained it quite clearly in there on the steps taken for it to work optimally. No, don’t worry about it. 

Wet your targeted areas with water, and then pat dry with a clean tissue. Squeeze out half a sachet of product and apply it gently in a tapping manner. Try to pat in the product to the entire eye bag area until there’s no trace of the cream or else it may dry up visible. Do not pat it for too long, let go once evenly distributed, because the efficacy of it hedges on to its drying process. You want to make sure that the product on the skin still feel moist before you leave it to work.

Use a floppy magazine or better still a fan to speed up the drying process. The faster the drying the greater the efficacy. Once the eye bags have been reduced (can be within seconds to under 5 mins from my observation), let the product sit on for about 30 to 45 minutes more until it starts to feel powdery to the touch before applying any makeup. You may gently remove any excess powder but do not make contact with water. As this product is a surfactant, any washing off will make it lose its effect immediately.

Verdict: Like Eye Bag Removal Surgery – only non-invasive!

This stuff is Legit. Holy. Grail.

I don’t know about you but as far as skincare goes, the most challenging problems I have are problems related to the skin around the eyes. Why? Because eye bags, under eye wrinkles, crow feet, etc have all to do with aging and unless you have the money to keep up with The Injectables or undergo an eye bag removal surgery. I really doubt any cream can give you the same effect of de-puffing those eye bags even after prolonged wearing.

Clearly, this worked in my case (and many other cases I’d witnessed) to say the least. How many eye products can you name that have removed those eye bags right there and then before your eyes? BUT.


As the product dries up to powder form, it doesn’t get absorbed into the skin and merely floats on top. Because it can get removed by the slightest rub or contact, especially with water and perspiration, it cannot be used together with makeup (even if it’s powder makeup) such as concealer or foundation, or you risk losing the effect altogether once the dried up product is tampered with. So while you are with high hopes of removing your under eye bags, you’d better pray that your skin is also free from dark eye circles, pigmentation, and even dry skin under the eyes. When you have dry under eyes, powder will make it worse by settling into wrinkles and fine lines even you don’t know that exist before.

Here’s another consideration. While the result is apparent, this is after all a ‘quick-fix’ method (users have reported that their eyebags have gone for 8 hours minimally and some even have the effect last for more than 24 hours). It is not only quick in fixing your eye bags, but just as quick for your eye bags to come back and haunt you again.

Therefore if you’re looking at long term eye bags removal (natural & hydrating) remedy, you may want to instead check this product out: .

Where To Buy Instantly Ageless Eye Cream

For orders in Singapore and international deliveries, please visit and click the “Buy Now” button, select the quantity and “Add To Cart”, and then select the country you’d like your order to be delivered to.

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