Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray Review

The All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray is the way to go if you ever experience a makeup meltdown. With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, you don’t need to have oily skin to have a colour mayhem happening on your face. We empathize with it. We feel it. We have gone through it!

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray Review

Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay that makes your makeup last All Nighter long!

This makeup “mojo” promises to make your makeup last for up to 16 hours. It is a weightless, breathable formula that sprays clear but powerful mists and spritzes in the form of airbrushed coverage that prevents makeup from running and fading off your pretty face.


The Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray comes in a white spray bottle with their signature deep purple font and cap. The spray nozzle sprays and dispenses good, consistent amount of product and does a good job creating that vaporized mists in providing even coverage.


It is slightly perfumed, and has a soapy scent. It kind of smells like shower gel, only milder.


118ml (4.0 fl oz)

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray Review

How it Works

Key Ingredients

Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Ethylhexyl Isononanoate, Glycereth-5 Lactate – stabilizers and conditioners in the product that aid in emulsifying and binding active ingredients for good adhesion and suspension of the ingredients to work on the skin.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm and sooth the skin in preventing skin irritations or flare ups.

Note: Contains Fragrance and Sodium Benzoate as preservative.

How to Use

The instruction tells us to apply it after makeup, holding it 8 to 10 inches away from your face and spray 2 to 4 times in an “X” and “T” formation.

Our experience tells us two times is more than necessary unless you have very dry skin. The formula, while not sticky, can be pretty wet on your face and intervene with your makeup especially powdered makeup like mineral foundation or eye shadow. Hence instead of making a “star” or “asterisk” formation, we can only do a “+” plus sign at best.

At Sephora Urban Decay Singapore

Like all Urban Decay cosmetics, the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray is available at all Sephora stores in Singapore for SGD$48.00 each.

The Urban Decay All Nighter has a sister product – the Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control makeup setting spray which targets at mattifying grease and shine.

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray Review

All in all, this product does what it suppose to – prolonging makeup longevity. It increases the bonding however it does not control oil. So those with oily skin may want to incorporate an oil-control mattifying lotion or powder of some sort in your makeup routine.

We also realized that applying the makeup setting spray before makeup works better in preserving the makeup afterwards. The trick we picked up was to spray it after moisturizer is applied and before primer or foundation. This seems to have worked even better than spraying the product after makeup because it doubles the holding power of the primer.

Additionally, it is always an interest of ours to know that it is a vegan product. This means they do not test on animals and hence the product is cruelty-free, which makes it a bonus for us.


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