It Cosmetics CC Cream? Or Airbrush Perfecting Powder Review For You Instead

I’ve finally got the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder review for you, after having tried and used it for a couple of months now.

It-Cosmetics-Your-Skin-But-Better-CC-Airbrush-Perfecting-Powder-Review-SingaporeThis product is marketed to be a “buildable coverage foundation”. I’ve always preferred powder foundation to liquid foundations, and this may come across as quite the opposite of what most beauty personalities have been hauling and sharing these days.

I think a lot has been misunderstood of CC powders and CC creams when it comes to the just-after application versus the adjustment time that has to be given for the result to surface eventually, especially with oily skin. This is where my review comes in to clear all of these up. Much has to do with patience and my observation of liquids not being cut out for color correcting products.

It Cosmetics CC+ Cream vs Airbrush Perfecting Powder Review

I haven’t tried using the IT Cosmetics CC Cream but I’ve used other cc creams. Firstly, to be fair, we know for a fact that CC creams provide significantly lesser coverage than most liquid foundations. And it is precisely so that I think they should not be coming with color-correcting components in a all-in-one formula. My experience with CC creams hasn’t been totally satisfactory so far, because I noticed that they don’t stay on my skin as well perhaps because they have a more liquidy consistency compared to liquid foundations, they have the tendency to ‘slide’. Very often after cc creams, I find areas on the upper half of my face (undereye areas, redness on forehead) losing coverage much faster. And since they provide lesser coverage than liquid foundations, this flaw is made worse.

See, while I’m all for easy makeup and skincare I do not believe that color correcting can be done in one single step, especially on the entire face. Also, I just can’t wrap my head around how the color-correcting pigments of one product can universally correct redness, dullness, warm and cool skin tones altogether.

One, our skin comprises various areas with different problematic tones that require color correcting. It takes different colors to correct different color-toned areas uniquely. But CC creams tend to collectively rescue these as if redness, sallowness, dullness are all the same. Two, personally when it comes to color-correcting makeup, I feel that layering is key. It is only logical that only after you’ve countered the different underlying tones with their respective complimentary colors to neutralize them, that you apply subsequent finishes. This way you’ll be locking in the colour correctors so they won’t budge beneath all the finishing makeup such as foundations and powders. In short, color correcting should form part of your first skin because it should help in creating that flawless canvas before any makeup can lay over. And it is easy to understand why they work when they are built into concealers and not cc creams.

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder Review

I’m sorry if by now I’d bored you to tears but what I’d said earlier will make you understand why I think this It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder actually works in color-correcting despite it being a all-in-one color correcting powder foundation formula.

Shades & Texture

The It Cosmetics CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder comes in five shades: Fair, Light, Medium, Tan & Rich. Mine’s in the shade Light. I said it wrongly in the video below, it should be in Light, and not Medium.

To see how this powder goes on to the skin, watch this video from the 7:32 mark. It feels light but can be a little dry at first. However unlike what other reviews have said about it being patchy, it isn’t in my case.

This is when patience kicks in, you need to allow time for your natural oils to seep through your skin and form a hydrating layer with the powder that is quite comfortable to wear. Hence I get why this powder has mixed reviews because I feel that it only suits my skin type, i.e. combination to oily skin. As gross as it sounds, you need that oil to combine with this product to make it integrate it into your skin. If your skin type is dry (just dry, not the oily because it is dry kind), I suggest you stay away from this powder foundation because it may magnify your flaws like fine lines, as it does not necessarily sink into the skin.

It-Cosmetics-CC-Airbrush-Perfecting-Powder-Foundation-SPF-50-Review-SingaporeLook at the the close-up shot of the product on my fingers. It has a lot to do with the powder formula in this case, the texture is fine and almost feels moist. I guess that attributes to It Cosmetic’s first claim for this product – that this is a hydrating finishing powder. Because of this it makes the product adhere to the skin well, making the makeup long-wearing and the color-correcting effect to stay on longer.

Now I bring your attention to the photos below.

It Cosmetics CC+ Cream vs Airbrush Perfecting Powder Review SingaporeVerdict:

Best Powder Foundation in the Color Correcting Department


I think it is quite apparent by now that CC creams or powders offer lesser coverage no matter how many layers you pile on. The makeup starts to get cakey when I applied on the 3rd layer, so on days when I want better coverage I go for two layers tops. And even so it couldn’t conceal my age spots completely. It does however correct my redness and sallowness as well as minimize my pores quite well.

So back to those 7 boxes It Cosmetics claim to be able to check you off (see above photo of their package). Honestly, I think I can agree with 5 out of 7 of that checklist except for that “anti-aging veil” and “dark spot concealer”. While it does integrate with the skin, it doesn’t give me that “airbrushed” look like what the name of this product suggests; you can still pretty much see my skin imperfections like age spots and bumps peeking through. But I can’t deny it evens out my skin tone and smoothness a ton. I personally do not mind this, as I like skin to look like real skin, so long as these slight flaws have been improved with the product. I guess It Cosmetics has liven up to the part where they say “your skin but better” after all.

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