Henna Plus Colour Hair Mousse Review (In Black)

So I’ll admit, I’m getting old. I’ve always have hereditary premature greying of hair since young. But lately they have decided to make their way out of my crown rather than keeping their squad all docile and ambushed in lesser visible areas such as nearer to the scalp or the nape, where, unless I flip my locks or do a rockstar head bang, those silver streaks aren’t manifesting. Today, they have the audacity to sprout their way through like some husk fibre straying from my coconut head. I had to do something about it.

Henna Plus Hair Mousse Dye Review Singapore

I don’t like visiting the hair salons too often; not a fan of dreary long hours with a person meddling your head you barely know, and penny-wise too. I also don’t like the hair dyeing process; not only does it damage the hair, it can also be a messy job. So when I chanced upon the Henna Plus Colour Hair Mousse at the John Little Moving Out Sale the other day, I gladly paid for it.

Temporary Henna Natural Grey Hair Dye – Fuss Free!


It comes in a light-weight handy sized slim can with a relatively big press-spray nozzle that resembles a whip cream nozzle rather than a foam cleanser nozzle, just saying. The foam comes out a lavender-blue.

Temporary Black Hair Dye Products Singapore

How To Use the Henna Plus Colour hair mousse

It’s pretty straightforward. On towel-dry hair, give it a few shakes and pump out the desired amount of the product you want as you work on the different sections of your hair each time. There’re two things to note during the application.

One, you do not use this in the same way as any styling hair mousse, i.e. working with full pumps straight into your hair. You want to do it in sections because why would you want to waste the product on the parts of your hair that didn’t grey out?

Two, do not comb through the hair once the product has been applied. Combing should always be done only after the product has dried on your hair. Distribute the product by scrunching it into your hair strands, not by combing or sliding your hair in between your fingers (like I did, sigh), because then the colouring effect will thin out and defeats the whole purpose of covering your greys.

Ammonia-Free, Peroxide-Free!

Henna Plus’s range of hair dye products is known for their “no ammonia, no peroxide” formulas. Ammonia and peroxides in hair dyes can strip off the protective layers of our hair shafts; that’s how color pigments are able to penetrate them for the new hair color to last longer. Because of this erosive nature, hair dyeing can easily cause damages to our hair, irritations and even chemical burns on those with sensitive scalps. So this formulation is a huge thumbs up for me.

Price & Where to Buy

It was originally retailing at SGD$19.50 but I paid only SGD$9.50 when I checked out due to John Little’s moving out sale at Plaza Singapura. This is a 75ml (2.6 fl. oz) size. And no, it is not a near-expiry product. It expires only April 2019. 


Grey/ White Hair Roots Touch Up Quick Remedy

The Henna Plus Colour Mousse in ‘Black’ says on its can that it is meant for dark brown hair to black. So I don’t expect it to magically spin my silvery yarns into Snow White’s stark, black-as-ebony hair. After all, my natural hair color is very dark brown, much like most Asians. Yes, I somehow wished under my breath that black + silver/ grey = very dark brown. (LOL! Any warped logic could have made me want to try quick fixes.)

Natural Henna Plus Grey Hair Root Touch Ups Dye

The result isn’t perfect but it does the job of camouflaging most of my grey hair strands. Even though a few strands of grey is still visible I’m happy with how it turned out. I’m pretty sure if I have applied more evenly it’d been all touched up. It provides the quick fix that I need without the adverse effect from permanent dyeing as well as time spent at the salon. I’m pretty much home-based anyway (I run online businesses), so I’ll only need a few pumps to get ready prior to my occasional meetings or outings with friends; I don’t exactly need a fully black crown to call working at home a day.

Not so much on Hair Styling

The product also says it is for colouring AND styling. But I don’t feel it gives much structure to the hair even after scrunching in a few good pumps to only the front part of my hair. It dries out soft and smooth; that I’m not complaining. So don’t read too much into the styling part I would say.

Washes off but Doesn’t Stain on Pillows!

As this is a temporary hair dye solution, expect the effect to be washed off whenever you shampoo your hair. To skip washing your hair so you can prolong its coloured effect, try dry shampoos. And you can sleep at ease with the product in your hair at night, it doesn’t stain on pillows (my fully white bamboo fabric pillowcase vouches for that!). Neither does it come off on your towel as your tousle-dry your wet hair with it the next day. The only surface it probably leaves a tint of color is your palm (if you’re without gloves like me), but washing it off with soap and water a few times will just get it cleaned.

I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking for quick and easy fixes for grey or white hair root touch ups, or even for cases like me, who has premature greying hair problem and looking for an easy temporary solution.

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