Catrice Cosmetics AllRound Colour Correcting Concealer Palette Review

Catrice Cosmetics AllRound Under Eye Concealer Palette Review

We know how the colour correcting fad has gone all zealous in the beauty community these days; I wonder why since it has been around for ages. Perhaps the art of colour correcting is more known to the professionals for backstage makeup and the likes in the past, when color correcting palettes like this haven’t been put out in the market yet to say, BUY ME.

I must have been fortunate to have a go at this affordable AllRound colour correcting palette by Catrice Cosmetics by chance because the price is just the icing on the cake.

Catrice Cosmetics: Best Under Eye Color Correcting Concealer for Dark Circles?


The Catrice Cosmetics AllRound Concealer is contained in a fully transparent slick palette of 5 concealer shades. So flatly compacted it is more portable than a nutrition bar.


You can see how the green and salmon concealer shades can be applied here in this short demo video clip I’d put up:

So greens are suppose to cancel out redness while peach shades (or salmon as I’d like to call them) neutralize bluish/ dark under eye circles, before you layer on nude concealer makeup. I can’t say much about the middle brown shade and the last lightest shade on the extreme right because I can’t really use them for my skin tone. They work for skin tones tanner or lighter than mine.

Colour correcting Concealer Makeup Review by Catrice Cosmetics

You can see from the video that the green is rather dull. While it cancels out the redness, it adds dullness instead of helping with the radiance. I was hoping for the effect to be more of a verdant green instead of a jade tone. I was using just powder makeup over it, perhaps if you use a thicker foundation the result could be better.


This product is unlike the other concealers that I’d bought. It dries up rather fast once applied on the skin. Be sure to apply in quick strokes or blend quickly with fingers for a smoother finish.

How To Apply the Color Correcting Concealer Makeup by Catrice Cosmetics

The salmon and medium nude shades (2nd from the right) are my favourites of the lot. I want to talk about using these 2 shades together because they bring about a wonderful result together.

How To Apply Catrice Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealer Singapore

You can see from the photos how, when the nude layers over the salmon shade, can conceal my dark circles to a great extent.

In the video I used a different concealer (the Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay Waterproof 12-Hour Concealer) but the result wasn’t as great as in the photos. I also observed that the trick is to allow the correcting shade to settle for a good 5 minutes or so before applying the nude concealing shade. You don’t want the 2 colors to mix together, you want them to layer over another, i.e. the salmon shade to neutralize the darker under eye areas first before brightening them with the nude concealer.

Price and Where to Buy

The Catrice Cosmetics AllRound Color Correcting Concealer palette is available at S$6.90 at bigger Guardian Pharmacy stores in Singapore.


Although the formula is on the drier side, it doesn’t crease or settle on fine lines.

Yes, I may be loving only 2 out of 5 shades but for the kind of price I’m paying to have my dark circles visibly erased and eye bags appear less puffy, even if there’s only 1 shade that I’m digging I’d gladly buy the palette all over again.


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